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Spencer "Monkeyboy" in Jacksonville Fl: "Ok guys let me start by saying you have an incredible product. I use your orange cleaner+lube in all my setups. I show mu friends all the miracles this stuff does with rusted, seized, and otherwise screwed up bearing. Just apply a little skanunu, let it settle for a few minutes, and any seized or rusted shut bearing becomes like new again! No one believes me till I break it out and fix their bearing with it. I would love to help you guys spread the word about this product, as I recommend it to all my friends. All my bearings are at least a couple years old, with my oldest set being over 6 years old! I ride my setups hard all day, rain and dry. I have never seen my friend's bearings last half that long! I can say with complete confidence that Skanunu will keep your bearings going like new almost forever! Mine have never failed me and they won't fail you either! Don't believe my claims? I'm making a video proving how well Skanunu revives seemingly beyond repair bearings! If you guys ever want any help promoting your product, I've got most of the Jacksonville longboarding community stoked about Skanunu."

Max in France: "Hey Guys, i wrote a review of the Skanunu Bearing Lube on my blog. Feel free to share ! http://www.le-boulon.com/skanunu-bearing-lube-review-lubrifiant-roulements-skate-lubricant/"

Lucha in Memphis TN: "I love this stuff! I've written a review on my website. Check it out! http://www.luchaskate.com/bearings-and-cleaners.html"

Jeff in CT USA: "Used this for the first time in the first Adrenalina marathon in NYC and it was so good. Had been using it ever since then. It's great stuff. Then took it a couple weeks later to the Central Mass dh race. It's honestly good for everything whether you're pushing or going fast. I used it all the time with my Tekton bearings for any way I was riding "

Phonz in Philly/Jacksonville NC: "Skanunu is by far the best Bearing Cleaner and Lube on market! If you follow the instructions exactly, you can't go wrong! I honestly don't know how I made it through my sessions without you guys! You have a lifetime customer in me and I recommend all of my friends to you! Thanks and keep up the great work!"

manu in philipines: "it is the best it makes anything move"

Karl in Sydney: "I use it every few weeks (when the wheels & bearings start getting a little nasty) & find that it sometimes seizes up my bearings. Not all, but one or two wheels. I can fix this by giving them another going over with Skanunu, but I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong?"

Laura Hatwell in Plymouth, UK: "I've been seeking a product that really does what it says, that keeps me going through thick and thin. After 94 miles in Alabama rainstorms on the Chief Ladiga Challenge 2012, I'm good with saying Skanunu didn't let me down at all. Every push was a pleasure. Skanunu is epic, and the support for the scene that the company puts out there is astounding. As a distance skater, I'll be rolling further on this stuff forever. Proud to roll with Skanunu!"

Sk8188/Jekyll Brewing Skate Team in Suwanee, Ga.: "Skanunu Lube made my old bearings come alive. Just used once and the rolled perfect for my 56 mile skate session. Thanks Ken!!!"

Paul Kent in Western Canada: "Pushing long distances gives a long time for small advantages or disadvantages to grow and become apparent. I've been using Skanunu at the races I've been winning. Just putting that out there... I am a big fan of Just lube on the inside, and a thin coat of ceaner/lubon the outside of my races, spacers, axles, kingpins, pivot cups, and a little on my bushing seats. Keeps everything running great, and reduces corrosion and rust welds from forming. Just a couple of drops of their clear 100% lube makes me fast. Up or Down the hills. "

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