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Skanunu Motorline Degreaser/Protectant/Lube is a maintenance product that simplifies drivetrain maintenance. Apply Skanunu Motorline CDL before hitting the trail or road, before or during a race,
or when shifting feels sluggish.

Simply follow the pre-ride cleaning instructions below. If you have your own method or take drivetrain cleaning to a more detailed level, feel free to do so, You can substitute Skanunu Motorline CDL for the other degreaser/s, protectant/s and lubricant/s you typically use.

Gather Tools

Gather all the tools you will need to clean your drivetrain: A bottle of Skanunu Motorline CDL, clean rags, brush and scrapper.

Gather Tools


Rack & Apply
Put your bike on a stand or rack. Begin by applying a bead of Skanunu Motorline CDL to your chain, cassette, and all other moving drivetrain parts. Do this as you crank the pedals several times. If you feel more comfortable using a chain cleaning tool like Park Tool's Cyclone® Chain Scrubber, fill the reservoir with Skanunu Motorline CDL and follow their product's usage instructions.
Rack & Apply


Cassette & Crankset
Grease joined with road grime or trail mud makes the perfect abrasive mix to cause premature wear on your drivetrain. Put Skanunu Motorline CDL on your brush and use it to loosen the grime on the outer cassette surfaces and in between the cogs and crank chainwheels.


Rear Derailleur

The rear derailleur is a collection point for grit and grime and cleaning it as part of your drivetrain maintenance routine will benefit shifting and reduce wear on your chain and pulleys. Coat the derailleur with Skanunu Motorline CDL. Use your brush or beveled cleaning tool to scrap off the abrasive paste from both pulley wheels. Pedaling backwards, reapply a bit more Skanunu Motorline CDL to the derailleur pivots, cage pivots, pulleys and chain. This is to carry Skanunu Motorline CDL onto the freewheel cogs and derailleur pulleys. Then shift through the gears to work it into the derailleur's moving parts.

Derailleur 1Derailleur 2
Derailleur 3


Wipe Down

Now that drivetrain is completely covered in Skanunu Motorline CDL, begin wiping it off. Start with your chain, then cassette, crankset, and finally your rear derailleur. Continue to wipe everything down until your rag is clean. This is your signal that you've lifted all the grime off your drivetrain. Now, touch your chain. It will feel wet & slippery to the touch but not on your fingers. This is your assurance that the protectant & lubricants are present and have bonded to the metal components.

Wipe Down 1


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